About Us
Frank Hollberg, Sr. moved to the bustling town of Senoia in the early 1890's to begin a jewelry business. He quickly recognized the needs of the community and began selling furniture along with jewelry. Time and demand changed the business which led to the establishment of Hollberg's Fine Furniture in 1894. After college, Frank Hollberg, III took over the day to day running of the operation of the store. He stopped carrying appliances in the 1980's and focused solely on selling furniture. Hollberg's has grown right along with the town of Senoia, becoming one of the top fine furniture dealers on the southside of Atlanta. In October 2013, Frank Hollberg, III sold the business to Amanda Whatley, a graduate of Georgia Tech and now resides in Newnan with her husband Gary and her two daughters Julie and Amber.

We partner with Furniture Clinic of Georgia for all of our

woodworking and wood repair needs.